Embed MP3 Audio Files Into Blogger

Always GOOD to try new things!

I wanted to figure out how to play mp3s on my Blog for FREE. Here are the steps I followed:

1) Picked a random mp3 from my iTunes.

2) Setup a Google Group of my own. I can upload 100 MB of total files to my Google group. Click on "Files" after clicking on Manage Group.

3) Went to Digital Inspiration and copied one of their audio player Flash scripts.

4) Stuck the code into the "Edit Html".

That's it!


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Digital Arts Lab @ Salinas Public Library

Salinas Public Library has just renovated the John Steinbeck Library located in downtown Salinas, California. Changes included a NEW teen space and the addition of a Digital Arts Lab with Mac computers! This is an exciting addition to the Salinas community.

The New Digital Arts Lab includes:

  • 4 Imacs (20" Display)
  • 4 MacBooks (13" Display)
  • 1 Mac Pro (23" Display)
  • 1 Mac Server w/ 7 Tb memory
  • Final Cut Studio
  • Final Cut Express
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • MS Office 2008
  • iWork
  • iLife
I have been give the privilege of helping the Salinas Public Library launch this NEW Digital Arts Lab. This task includes strategic planning, marketing, developing community partnerships, managing volunteers and creating, delivering and evaluating classes, events and programs.

And this is just the beginning!

As Library 2.0 advocate I will be incorporating MANY web-marketing and social networking technologies throughout my involvement with this Digital Arts Lab project.

Please Stay Tuned!


BJORN IS BACK (in the library)

Flickr Photo By Gullevek
I have returned form desert journeys and mountaintop discoveries... with NEW ink to display!

No really, this isn't a picture of me. However, I am serious about being back in public library service. I have accepted the exciting challenge of librarianship at Salinas Public library.

I have many responsibilities, so I'd like to sum them up HERE. This way I can easily check back and remind myself what I need to be doing.

Critical Tasks:

1) Ability to understand and successfully meet the library needs of internal (staff) and external customers (public).

2) Ability to effectively work individually and in teams to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

3) Ability to staff Information Desks (Adult & Children) as assigned.

4) Assist in the development, implementation and coordination of programs and services in areas of responsibility including children, young adult, adult or reference services.

5) Ability to understand customer needs and assist them to access popular and/or recreational reading.

6) Knowledge of library technology and Internet to perform librarian duties.

7) Knowledge of collection development's evaluation, selection, and maintenance.

8) Perform other duties as assigned, including monthly reports.

I know the tasks within these general categories will be keeping me busy over the next few months. I'll be posting periodically about specific jobs I'm working on.

So, stay tuned...


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