Internet Librarian Conference 2008

Internet Librarian 2008 was hosted this week in beautiful Monterey, California. Monterey is a quick 20 minutes south of where I work as a Librarian in Salinas. I managed to clear my schedule on Monday, Oct. 20th and spent a day the conference.

This decision turned out to be GREAT for several reasons…

  1. The Weather. It was sunny and warm. This was a perfect day to be out of the office and hanging out in downtown Monterey.

  2. Nancy Dowd is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for New Jersey State Library. Her presentation was comprehensive and compelling. Nancy highlighted the importance of Library Marketing to GO GREEN, be AUTHENTIC, accept IMPERFECTIONS and use transformational STORIES. These are all uniquely important talking points worthy of their own blog articles (maybe next time).

  3. The DOK boys. I spoke briefly with Erik Boekesteijn and Jaap van de Geer from DOK. In our four minute conversation we concluded that librarians are often too homogeneous. Our industry needs librarians from a wide variety of professional backgrounds in order to spark the risk-taking and innovative tendencies needed to change libraries for the future. Professional diversity is crucial to surviving (and surviving well) in our modern society.

The BEST idea that I received from attending the Internet Librarian 2008 Conference was from Nancy Dowd. She strongly suggested that libraries create a Story Bank. The Story Bank is a list of people whom the library has positively effected. This list includes the person’s name, an overview of the person’s story, contact information and if they are willing to share their story (a.k.a. be interviewed by a reporter).

Thanks to all the people I met and spoke with on Monday! You have inspired me...


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