Internship Completed

Sadly, I have just wrapped up my internship with San Jose Public Library - Evergreen Branch. This experience was contextualized by three primary learning objectives. These objectives were setup before I began working. They included the following:

1. Demonstrate my ability to apply to use appropriate methodologies for planning and creating a display that informs the public about intellectual freedom. The display will be created and displayed during Banned Books Week.
2. Demonstrate my ability to create and conduct in-person surveys. These surveys will identify and analyze the information needs of the library's active user community.
3. Demonstrate my ability to develop, deliver and evaluate computer technology training programs for the public. These programs will take into account previously conducted needs assessments, available library resources, and customer needs.

The individual steps taken to complete these objectives have been documented within this blog under the Internship label. I have greatly enjoyed getting my blog up and running. My internship at Evergreen Branch was a great excuse for launching myself into the blogosphere. I look forward to developing new projects and topics to discuss with you.


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Class Evaluation

Here are the evaluation results from the five class participants...

1) Please rate the overall quality of the class.

2 Excellent
3 Good

2) The presenter was knowledgeable about the subject matter.

5 Strongly Agree

3) The presenter was able to communicate the subject matter effectively.

3 Strongly Agree
2 Agree

4) I will be able to use what I learned in this class.

5 Strongly Agree

5) How did you hear about this class?

• at evergreen library
• visit to library
• through library staff
• in house
• teens reach

6) Do you feel this class INCREASED your awareness about digital photos?

• yes
• yes
• yes
• yes
• yes

7) What would you suggest to improve the class?

• a second class
• be sure computer works the way it should
• make sure the main computer is working
• more practice
• make it a little longer

8) Do you have any suggestions for future classes?

• a second class
• pls email signed up student for future classes
• no
• next time again
• no


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Class Completed

On Saturday, Nov. 17th, I led a class covering the benefits of sharing digital photos online. Much preparation was invested in curriculum development. Five members of the public and two staff members participated in the class. A few technical difficulties were encountered between my laptop, the Internet connection and the projector. I learned that testing all the technology components before the class is absolutely necessary. Also, using the same machine and the same Internet browser as class participants might contribute to smoother timing and delivery.

The following is a class outline I used...


Yahoo ID _____________
Password _____________


A) Choose Photos
Hold down Ctrl key and select image files with mouse
B) Upload Photos
Public or Private
C) Add titles, descriptions, tags or add to set
Tag photos
Save This Batch


A) Your Photos
Make changes (individual)
Order prints (individual)
B) Organize
Make changes (group)
Order prints (by set)
C) Sets
Share this set
D) Explore
See the world
Search by tags
E) Groups
Find your passion

A) Buddy Icon
B) Screen Name

A) FD Toys


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Blogs + Programs

On Thursday, Nov. 8th, I gave a 15 minute presentation at the monthly adult services meeting for SJPL. The presentation was about combining blogs with library programs and covered the history and uses of blogs. I also demonstrated an example of using blogs to teach technology classes. The crowd response and questions indicated that the presentation was well received. The following is an outline I used...

= Personal Homepage
General Advantages

  1. Free
  2. Easy
  3. User-Friendly Interface
  4. Interactive
Why use Blogs + Programs
  1. Visual Compliment (like Power Point)
  2. Extra Info (links and media)
  3. Reinforce the Experience (revisit anytime)
  1. Purpose
  2. Growth Potential
  3. Outline Program Activities
  4. Extra Resources
  1. Collaboration
  2. Consistency
  3. Creativity
  4. Evaluation



The dates have been set and the preparations have begun. The photos class will be offered on the 17th of November at Evergreen Library. I've created sign-up sheets and a flyer to advertise the event...


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The Decision

Took a few hours today and explored the top online photo hosting sites: Flickr, Photobucket, Image Shack, Shutterfly... The goal was to evaluate the features and usablity of each in order to determine which would be the best one to introduce during the library training. Each had it's advantages and disadvantages, but Flickr seems to have the most to offer, so that will be the one!

It's time to get started...


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Adult Learning Imperatives

“Adult education is substantial and carries great potential for success. That success, however, requires a greater responsibility by the educator. We need to be aware of learners’ attitudes, past experiences, habits, opinions and cultures. We need to understand their perspectives and be able to help them discover how useful a change in behavior and actions can be for them. We need to engage them in the learning process and help them achieve their precisely defined expectations. If we can show them how our programs can benefit them practically, they will perform better and the benefits will last longer.”
(Letha Barnes, Director of the Career Institute)


• Community Welfare: improving community and mankind
• Prestige: advancement and higher social status
• Meeting Expectations: keeping up with peers and family
• Social Relationships: making friends and acquaintances

Curriculum Design:

• Adults prefer single concept courses
• How to solve a specific problem (identify the learning goal)
• Move from known to unknown
• Include all key-points at very beginning
• Focus on immediate hands-on application of knowledge (How-To)
• Include 2-way communication/interaction with participants
• Focus awareness on the direction and progress of the session
• Recap frequently and again at the End

Class Environment:

• Physically and psychologically comfortable
• Keep training sessions short
• Provide social experience with opportunity for dialog and networking with peers
• Respect and listen


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Training Checklist

1. Determine which training must take place?

Surveys indicated that #1 topic of interest is photo hosting and tools.
Our first training sessions will focus on Flickr.

2. Identify tasks to train and evaluate?

• Online photos (overview)
• How to get signed-up
• How to upload photos
• Features of Flickr
• Printing photos
• Mashups and tools

3. Verify prerequisites?

• Regular Internet user (Know how to use a browser)
• Have an active e-mail account
• Interested in learning: How to store and use your digital photos online!

4. Identify outcomes to be measured?

Program Goal: “To increase customer awareness of today’s useful Web2.0 applications.”

• Does customer feel they have an increased awareness of online photo storing and photo tools?
• Was the training useful to their life?


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Survey Begins and Ends...

The survey questions have been decided and the formatting is finished... and the results are in...

5o surveys were completed and the numbers in bold indicate the responses we received...

Time preference were NOT included for all surveys that indicated NO on the possibility of attendance.

1. How often do you use the Internet?

18 = Everyday
16 = 2-3 times a week
11 = 3-4 times a month
3 = Once a month (or less)
2 = Never

2. What Internet applications would you like to know more about?

12 = Blogging
Blogosphere? Why the hype? Know how to begin?

17 = E-books and Audiobooks
Where are they? Know how to access them?

23 = Photo and Image Tools
Free photo storage? Know how to transform your images?

8 = Feed Aggregators
What are feeds? Know how to get personalized News from one place?

21 = Entertainment
Streaming audio and video? Do you have personalized radio and online TV?

12 = Social Tagging
Bookmarking the Internet? Know how to maximize your online resources?

3. Would you actually attend a one-hour seminar to learn more about these topics?

21 = Yes
11 = No
18 = Maybe

4. What days would be best for you?

12 = Monday
11 = Tuesday
12 = Wednesday
10 = Thursday
7 = Friday
16 = Saturday

5. What times would be best for you?

19 = Morning
15 = Afternoon (early)
10 = Afternoon (late)
5 = Evening


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Core Components (the start)

Every good training program follows a series of steps for developing and delivering training...

1. Setting Goals
2. Establishing Minimum Qualifications
3. Assessing Needs
4. Developing Curriculum
5. Delivering Training
6. Evaluating Training

My Goal:

"To increase customer awareness of today's useful Web2.0 applications."

Minimum Qualifications:

1) Able to use Internet Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)
2) Have an active e-mail account
3) Interested in learning new things


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Catching Up

I've finally finished the poster for BBW and I plan to set it up with a display of books on Saturday morning. I am already looking forward to the next challenge of Internet training and I am beginning to add links to quality resources...


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Campbell Internet Training

Visited Campbell library this morning and spoke with Reference Librarian Soher Youssef. She is involved with their Internet Training Program that takes place the 2nd Friday of each month at 10am-11am. They have no documentation for this program. Turnout is very low if any at all. She did recommend the Librarians Index to the Internet as a good place to find basic skills info.


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What is banned books week?

Banned Books Week celebrates your freedom to read!

Libraries across the nation support the right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view.

San Jose Public Library provides free access to all expressions of ideas through which any and all sides of a question, cause or movement may be explored.

Why do people ban books?

There are constant efforts to suppress writing and silence writers.

When people feel books have content that is in conflict with their personal morals and values they remove these books from the shelves of stores and libraries.

The freedom to read does not include the freedom to choose for others!

Who sponsors Banned Book Week?

• San Jose Public Library
• American Library Association
• American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression
• Association of American Publishers
• American Society of Journalists and Authors


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Book List and Display Dimensions

Spent time today running ALA's top 100 Banned Books through the Evergreen catalog. So far, it appears Evergreen has many of these titles. This list of titles and locations will be necessary for pulling books to place on the display.

Created a photoshop mockup of the display poster. This involved dialing the various dimensions and sizes. Title= 4.5x24, Images= 8x5, Textbox= 8.5x14

Also, worked on the wording for the poster. This will likely be adjusted up until the moment of printing...


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Display Content

On Thursday evening I watched Fahrenheit 451 (1966) directed by Francois Truffaut. This was a very visual and symbolic film offering excellent images of burning books. I captured several screen-shots that could possibly be incorporated into the display.

Today, I made it into the Library and determined the location and size of the display. The display will be situated centrally at the single service point. The informative poster will be approximately 100x70cm. There will be book shelves on the left and right displaying banned books.

I was able to create a first draft for the written content of the poster and I began assembling a mock-up in photoshop.


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Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week commemorates the core values of the library profession. Libraries are dedicated to protecting and promoting intellectual freedoms. ALA defines Intellectual Freedom as... the right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction. It provides for free access to all expressions of ideas through which any and all sides of a question, cause or movement may be explored.

Providing awareness of our freedom for expression and our ability to seek and receive information is the central message of Banned Books Week. The Evergreen display will exhibit popular banned books from the collection and answer the following questions:

1. What is Banned Books Week?
2. What is the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?
3. Who sponsors Banned Books Week?


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Getting Started

Today, I setup a new email account, two online calendars, and this blog to serve as the info headquarters for my internship activities. I will be documenting my work from this location... stay tuned.


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