Class Evaluation

Here are the evaluation results from the five class participants...

1) Please rate the overall quality of the class.

2 Excellent
3 Good

2) The presenter was knowledgeable about the subject matter.

5 Strongly Agree

3) The presenter was able to communicate the subject matter effectively.

3 Strongly Agree
2 Agree

4) I will be able to use what I learned in this class.

5 Strongly Agree

5) How did you hear about this class?

• at evergreen library
• visit to library
• through library staff
• in house
• teens reach

6) Do you feel this class INCREASED your awareness about digital photos?

• yes
• yes
• yes
• yes
• yes

7) What would you suggest to improve the class?

• a second class
• be sure computer works the way it should
• make sure the main computer is working
• more practice
• make it a little longer

8) Do you have any suggestions for future classes?

• a second class
• pls email signed up student for future classes
• no
• next time again
• no


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