Technology Instruction Resources

The following are helpful resources on the subject of "Technology Instruction". Teaching people about new technology is exciting! Not to mention, this is a great way for today's librarians to enrich their communities. Let's face it, there is simply too much to learn and too little time to learn it. For this reason, a helpful technology guide will always be appreciated!

1) Learn how to Create a Flexible Webclass! Web Junction offers many resources for library staff who are embracing technology in their daily work. Bookmark Web Junction and check in regularly for good ideas.

2) The Patron Training Pathfinder from Web Junction is a hub containing quality links to various sites about technology training programs.

3) 30 Things We Know For Sure About Adult Learning is a resource that covers adult motivations for learning, curriculum design and classroom management. Be sure to review this document if you are teaching adults.

4) Purdue University offers interesting Training Materials available for download. These materials can be of assistance when developing your curriculum. Check out the "Train the Trainer" series...


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