Book Vending Machines

Libraries Will Soon Move Into Bay Area BART Stations By Connie Kim

This is an interesting article. The Bay Area is following the lead of the Scandinavians. Now commuters can check-out library books while they wait for their ride to work. This is a fantastic example of how libraries are going to meet the needs of their customers. The Contra Costa County Library is truly providing value and convenience. It will be very interesting to follow the roll-out of this idea!

I thought it was interesting that the article begins by saying, "It’s another sign of the future where computers and machines are taking the place of people. This time, we may be saying goodbye to our neighborhood librarian."

This quote reflects the ignorance that today's librarians must fight to overcome. Librarians are the ones taking the point on new ways to meet the needs of their community. We are responsible for implementing fantastic ideas like book vending machines!


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