Gaming In Libraries?

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Thanks to Jenny (the shifted librarian) for her continued coverage on gaming in libraries. She has posted this great article about a library that allowed their users to dance off their library fines. This idea is inspiring!

I'm not really a gamer, but I have to admit that some of today's video games are truly amazing. Establishing the presence of video games in the library could be very positive.

Can you see their faces pucker? Who's face? Just about anybody who believes in the "good old fashioned" library. You know, the traditional library that's quite and and smells like musty books... (I admit, I like that smell).

Why is the idea of video games in the library so remarkable? It could be completely normal and natural. Kids hang-out at the library and they like video games. I am very excited to see librarians taking the initiative to make libraries a fun and interactive place for teens to hang-out. Kudos!

Check out the following article about gaming and storytelling: Readers should get game-literate By Alastair Harper


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