LibGuide for Modern Libraries

The goal of Library 2.0 is to use Web 2.0 technology to learn, gather, combine and organize information to better serve customers. Library 2.0 is about distributing the library content and services beyond the library website, and connecting with customers wherever they are.

LibGuide understands the goals of Library 2.0! Using this subscription based service, librarians can create content-rich guides, share knowledge and information, and easily promote library resources. The interface is user-friendly and equiped with Web 2.0 features. Customers are able to directly interact and improve the guides by leaving comments. They can also see and interact with the page-creator (that's you).

The LibGuide widgets are COOL! These widgets (example below) allow your specific content-rich guides to be shared across social networks. They also allow the library catalog to be searched from anywhere. Place the widget in a blog, facebook, myspace, or any website.

Check out LibGuide. This company is on the right track...


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