Wordtracker Library Keywords

Wordtracker Results for "library"
Wordtracker is an online service designed to help businesses optimize their search engine ranking. The idea centers on strategically placing popular keywords in titles and content areas of your website. Knowing which keywords to use it crucial! If you are selling a product you need to know the specific words people are using to search for that product.

I jumped over to Wordtracker and conducted a quick five-minute search for terms relating to libraries. The "Count" column in this screenshot represents the number of times the term has been entered into search engines over the past 100 days. Check out a few additional results...

  • librarian 338
  • library2.0 6
  • web 2.0 library 5
  • Web 2.0 + libraries 17
  • Web 2.0 libraries 15
  • library marketing 5
  • library 2.0 'rss feeds' 18
  • flickr 7939
  • social networking 492
  • myspace 179136
  • blog 1853
  • blogs 1826
  • Poddcasting 266
  • Podcast 1050
  • Podcasts 1030
Is online marketing important to public libraries? It should be!!! Finding out what library related keywords are being used can be helpful for building an online presence for libraries. Popular search terms should be used when librarians are posting to their library blogs or websites.

You can do your own Wordtracker search for FREE. A two hour trial is available if you have a name and email address... Go for it!


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