Adult Learning Imperatives

“Adult education is substantial and carries great potential for success. That success, however, requires a greater responsibility by the educator. We need to be aware of learners’ attitudes, past experiences, habits, opinions and cultures. We need to understand their perspectives and be able to help them discover how useful a change in behavior and actions can be for them. We need to engage them in the learning process and help them achieve their precisely defined expectations. If we can show them how our programs can benefit them practically, they will perform better and the benefits will last longer.”
(Letha Barnes, Director of the Career Institute)


• Community Welfare: improving community and mankind
• Prestige: advancement and higher social status
• Meeting Expectations: keeping up with peers and family
• Social Relationships: making friends and acquaintances

Curriculum Design:

• Adults prefer single concept courses
• How to solve a specific problem (identify the learning goal)
• Move from known to unknown
• Include all key-points at very beginning
• Focus on immediate hands-on application of knowledge (How-To)
• Include 2-way communication/interaction with participants
• Focus awareness on the direction and progress of the session
• Recap frequently and again at the End

Class Environment:

• Physically and psychologically comfortable
• Keep training sessions short
• Provide social experience with opportunity for dialog and networking with peers
• Respect and listen


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