Training Checklist

1. Determine which training must take place?

Surveys indicated that #1 topic of interest is photo hosting and tools.
Our first training sessions will focus on Flickr.

2. Identify tasks to train and evaluate?

• Online photos (overview)
• How to get signed-up
• How to upload photos
• Features of Flickr
• Printing photos
• Mashups and tools

3. Verify prerequisites?

• Regular Internet user (Know how to use a browser)
• Have an active e-mail account
• Interested in learning: How to store and use your digital photos online!

4. Identify outcomes to be measured?

Program Goal: “To increase customer awareness of today’s useful Web2.0 applications.”

• Does customer feel they have an increased awareness of online photo storing and photo tools?
• Was the training useful to their life?


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